Missouri Farm and Home

In 2017 Missouri Farm and Home underwent a complete company rebrand. Having been in business since 1877, their new identity was an effort to better reflect the company’s coverage of the entire state of Missouri as well as show that the company could remain progressive and competitive in 2017. The company had already tried unsuccessfully to create a new visual identity when they reached out to NAMIC Market Tech for assistance. Beyond a new visual identity, they were also in need of a fresh, modern website.

The Logo

The logo incorporates the state bird of Missouri to symbolize policyholders can be happy knowing they are protected by Missouri Farm and Home.

Colors were also softened from a harsh maroon to friendly shades of blue.

The Website

A much needed overhaul was given to the company’s website. The new website utilizes the new colors of the company brand as well a modern design. New features were added to give policyholders and new customers a reason to visit such as a new agent zip code locator map, mobile responsive design and online forms for customer claims.

Website Features

  • Mobile Responsive
  • Online Forms
  • Zip Code Agent Locator
  • Content Management System

Farmers of Flemington

Farmers of Flemington’s logo had been in use in 1865. The logo utilized a detailed illustration that did not work well on a digital platform.

The Logo

The illustration was simplified to bring focus to the covered bridge. Colors were limited to utilize a modern palette. The new design should attract a younger audience.

Texas Pioneer Farm Mutual Insurance

Texas Pioneer wanted a new logo that would keep its traditional colors but would present a more modern and professional look.

The Logo

MarketTech created a logo with a star as its centerpiece to reflect the company’s Texas roots. The new logo incorporates the company’s tagline that highlights the insurer’s history and its commitment to the future for its policyholders and the community.

Farmers of Nodaway

Farmers of Nodaway previously lacked any company branding. The company had tried before but was unable reach a great solution approved by board. NAMIC Market Tech was able to create a design that appealed to both the company and its policyholders.

The Logo

The logo features a tree to represent the strength and longevity of the company. A fresh, modern palette was used to appeal to a wide audience and give the perception of being friendly and easy to do business with.